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President, Steve Godlin, Visalia

1st Vice President, Mike Tolmachoff, Madera

2nd Vice President, Brent Ashurst, Westmorland

Treasurer, Carlen Jupe, Salida

Past President, Dion Ashurst, El Centro


Ladies Auxiliary


President, Amanda Wooten

Vice President, Alissa Wooters

Secretary/Treasurer, Ila Hohman

Past President, Melinda Nelson

Parliamentarian, Nicole Landon

Committee Chair Persons


African Honey Bee, Brock Ashurst, El Centro

Awards, Alan Mikolich, Temecula

Constitution, Ryan Burris, Palo Cedro

Convention, Patti Johnson, Hughson

Ladies Auxiliary, Amanda Wooten, Palo Cedro

Legislative, Jackie Park-Burris, Palo Cedro

Marketing, Troy Bunch, Hughson

Media Director, Joy Pendell, Stonyford

Membership, Mike Tolmachoff, Madera

Nominations, Dion Ashurst, El Centro

Parliamentarian, Philip Russell, Yuba City

Public Lands, John Miller, Newcastle

Research, Bryan Ashurst, Westmorland

Resolutions, Roger Everett, Terra Bella

Rewards, Robert Wooten, Palo Cedro
Scientific Advisor, Elina Nino, Davis 


Executive Committee


Buzz Landon, Richvale

Larry Lima, Dos Palos

Terry Holcomb, Walnut Creek
Ryan Burris, Palo Cedro

Daren Wooters, Cottonwood


ABF Delegates


Russell Heitkam, Orland

Buzz Landon, Richvale

Frank Pendell, Stonyford




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